Friday, June 18, 2010

Lush Las Vegas

I have been away from blogging for a bit. More traveling. More relaxing. More fun. I dont know if anywhere is as fun as Las Vegas. Between the pool, the shopping, the eating, and the excitement it's easy to make the 4 hour drive to escape.

While blogging was far from my mind in Sin City, I did snap some cool pics at Lush ( I have seen these stores with their handmade soaps and goodies before, but I confess, I have never entered. Let me tell you, it is worth going in. Not only does the store smell luscious, but everything looks good enough to eat (especially that Cupcake facial cream). But the sales lady told me these mixures actually dont taste good (does that mean she's tasted them??). Another huge perk is that they do demonstrations on every product in the store, so you get to try before you buy. We bought some cool bath bombs that dissolve in the bath, leaving skin silky and fragrant. You might find yourself lusting after these Lush luxuries with their quirky names, sparkly colors, and touch me textures. They have locations everywhere, not just in Vegas, so indulge away!


  1. I love this store! There is one near me and the foot cream is the BEST!

  2. I have to admit,having known to have a sweet tooth,and a dentist to prove this fact hehehe,..the photos you shared not only looked yummy but the bath bombs reminded me of long ago,..when I shoved big giant candies in my mouth and let them sit and dissolve with sugary goodness.Willy Wonka could grab some ideas from such a luscious Lush.Warmest Regards,Cat

  3. My absolute favorite store since discovering them in Canada 10 yrs ago. You have to try their soaps and shampoo bars. The best!