Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DIY Idea: Bejeweled Ballet

I'm definitely attracted to sparkles, and when you combine that addiction to the one I have for ballet flats, it's a bad day for my wallet. One of my New Year's resolutions is to alter more. Today is the selection for the summer issue of Altered Couture, and I noticed we had some shoes that hit the mark when it came to being trendy and DIY friendly.

Designer shoes featured here with jewels are from Miu Miu, Marni, Lanvin, Tory Burch, and my dream shoes from Juicy Couture (Jade and Alleah http://www.shopbop.com/). I will be scouring ebay to find these. But other really cool ideas for embellishing your flats come from Chloe and Lanvin who use chain detailing and chiffon to pump up the volume on these flats. Just because there's no heel, you can definitely add a lift to your step and add drama by decorating a pair of otherwise boring soles.

If you need a little help, I' d like to recommend this site I came across, http://www.switchflops.com/. Here you can customize your flats with snap on embellishments. Take 'em off or keep 'em on or switch them up. It's a great idea. For more inspiration stay tuned to the Summer edition of Altered Couture and see how these flats from Margot Silk Forrest (http://glittersweatshop.typepad.com/sassy_feet_blog/) were created.

If this post makes you alter your flats, feel free to send them in by 3/15/10 for the next Altered deadline. I'm thinking brooches, vintage jewelry, scraps from clothing and faux pearls are in order for these recreations. Happy altering!

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  1. OK.....
    Now I'm gonna have to alter some flats....and cowboy boots....and Real London Ballet Slippers :-)
    I think that I have just the right vintage sparkle to add to some footwear.
    The wheels are always turning in my head, and you're not helping to calm them down :-)
    XOXO Deb