Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What I Bought Today: Past, Present & Future

I'm on a vintage kick lately when it comes to negligee-inspired looks. On Friday, Rodarte for Target premiered their line (http://www.target.com/gp/browse.html/ref=sc_iw_ss_1/?node=16275561). I love these designing sisters and this 40s-esque dress was so rich looking I swore it came from a great vintage boutique. With flower embroidery detail, lace, and a wrap belt it makes any waist look tiny. And only $40, the fraction of the price for a Rodarte frock.

Today I had to do some returning and when coupled with birthday Nordstrom gift cards and the Tag Sale at my favorite Nordstrom Rack, I scored this beautiful white silk dress. If you noticed my previous post, then you know right now white and I are getting along. But this dress is not New Year's Eve worthy. I think it looks a bit more formal and it reminds me of a 50s wedding dress. It's very sweet, with a keyhole back, slip, velvet bow across the center, and pleating. The best part is this dress was only $100 and it's from my favorite haute line Couture Couture, made in Italy, and extremely rare, it's a true quality piece.

And I have finally found the perfect Pat Berryhill piece to purchase! If you are familiar with Altered Couture then you know Pat's name (http://magpiedreams.net/). When her new collection came in for the Summer issue, I was drawn to this green sweater. It is reconstructed from vintage slips, and the puffed shoulders make it very contemporary. The lace detailing and layering plus the angular cut make this piece super sweet and airy. It buttons and ties, and I cant wait to wear it with jeans and boots for Winter and Spring. The only problem is I have to wait until after it's been photographed for the magazine. I haven't told Pat yet, but she already gave me a price and it's a great bargain for something completely one of a kind. I am so excited to finally own a piece of Altered Couture and something made by Pat before she gets so famous her prices sky rocket. It's fashion stock. For more from Pat stay tuned for the next Altered Couture, hitting newsstands February 1.

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