Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gift Ideas for the Fashionably Green

'Tis better to give than to receive. I've found that sometimes when it comes to giving clothes, however, it can be difficult to assess the tastes, styles, and fit of the receiver. I offer up two solutions: Annie Greenabelle and the Headshop.

In doing Altered Couture recruiting, I came across Annie Greenabelle's delicious line ( With soft color palettes and understated cuts and shapes, these clothes are a good fit for any type of lass. What's more is that they are easy pieces to pair and play with when it comes to jewelry, shoes, and accessories. So consider these frocks for party girls, tomboys, goth grrrls, or anyone in between. Allow the receiver to truly make these dresses her own. Bonus: these pieces are all made with Fairtrade materials and reclaimed clothing items.

And if you are looking for that perfect accessory or T-shirt (who doesnt need a cool tee?) you needn't look further than my good friends at the Headshop ( With the faces of the most inpiring people gracing totes, aprons, pins, and T-shirts for both men and women this is the perfect gift for the artsy folk or cool college kid in your life, there's even something for vegan feminists everywhere. I own the Oh Yoko shirt in petal pink. Needless to say, I heart it. Extra credit for those who couple their Headshop totes with Annie Greenabelle dresses. Go, shop, give, and be happy. It's good karma.


  1. Beth!

    Thank you for recommending The Head Shop! We are excited for all holiday orders that are slowing rolling in. We also have prints that will be available on Etsy next week. Thanks for your support!

  2. Hi Beth,
    Just checking out your blog....great picks for the holidays!

  3. Thanks janis for checking the blog out. I should have mentioned the headshops blog as well: Enjoy!