Saturday, December 12, 2009

Strong Stock

My mum told me recently after exepriencing some troubled times, not to fret because I come from "strong stock." She was referring to my grandmother and great grandmother who overcame so much to make the lives they enjoyed and are happy in today. The best birthday gift I receieved this year was my mum who came to visit with me and hang out in Laguna. Above we are at Laguna outside some of my favorite shops. Im wearing the Stella McCartney dress and Coach boots. Below that we are at French 75 ( off of PCH. You must go there if you have never been. It's perhaps the best restaurant I've ever been to. I'm wearing the ruffled black Friday dress and a Juicy necklace.

But there are a couple of other women in my life who are strong and artistic as well. My mum makes jewelry, and after the birthday receiving I was drawn to how thoughtful some gifts have been when given to me over the past few months. Deb Hodge ( made this beautiful shirt, that I think definitley captures my addicition of choice. And my very good friend Amanda Belle gave me some cute and elegant gifts in this bag that she crafted up using my favorite image of strength and style, Audrey Hepburn. These women know me so well. They are all as strong as they are talented. I am so lucky to be of their stock.

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  1. Hi Beth we love your post, your mamma is adorable. We will miss you tomorrow at The Mermaid's mercantile, it's going to be SUNNY (we hope). If there is any chance that you can join us, lunch is on us. Our next event will be the last Sunday in January. Have a great Sunday Debi from Out of the Blue, Deb Hodge, Rita from Mammabellarte