Saturday, December 12, 2009

What I Bought Today

With all of the birthday madness the blog has suffered a bit, I know. But no worries. While I havent been blogging, I have been helping the economy. 25 years ago the perfect stimulus package was thought up: me.

I usually buy myself a birthday gift, after all, Im pretty happy I was born. I like to buy myself something I would ordinarily hold off on, or something I've been eyeing for a while. This year's gift captures both: a Juicy Couture faux fur leaopard coat. I have had a crush on this piece for a year. It's worth $500 but of course I would never pay that (not even for my birthday!). After not seeing it on sale (its a year old, no no online retailers would still have it), and not seeing it at outlets or my vintage/consigment haunts, I went back to my trusted treasure trove, eBay. After a bit of research I found this coat at a great price! 60 percent off and brand new, not bad at all! I love the collar, it's totally 50s. But I love the tag even more. It says "Go faux stay fabulous." I do appreciate faux fur and the message faux fur designers send. Ethics need not be compromised when shopping. Just like I wouldnt compromise my money for this coat, neither should we be selling our values and morals short as well.

Next up, are these fabulous vintage Prada wedges. Found at one of my secret stores that I love, where the owner is a true fashion forward sweetheart who knows her stuff. These shoes were a steal and were purchased with birthday money (so it's like I didnt spend anything on them, right?). They are blue velvet (so 70s) and have chunky crystals all around. And they are incredibly comfortable! While at this shop the owner gave me this piece of advice: "Never buy retail." See, this lady believes in the stories to be had in vintage shopping. While I cant totally adhere to this advice, I appreciate it and her vision.

I am definitely on a 70s kick right now. I couldnt lay off the eBay either knowing I had birthday money in my pocket. I saw this dress I had been looking at for a while on But they didnt have my size. I went to eBay and searched. Two minutes later I had the dress for $40 ($80 off the outnet price) and I am a way happy camper. I cant wait to wear it. I dare say it will look nice with my Prada wedges peeking out underneath.

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