Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Traveling Companions

I was so in need of a vacation that I packed in my head what I needed before I actually broke out my DVF suitcase. That was a first! I am usually a horrible packer, but this time I was done in 20 minutes and fit everything into a smaller sized suitcase. That's the good thing about summer, you can pack clothes that don't take up much room.The toughest question I face when packing is not what to wear but what shoes to bring. In Vegas there is so much walking, so I knew I needed sandals, but depending on what else we did (fancy dinner etc) I wanted to have the proper shoes for it.

I ended up packing my Brian Atwood's which are my tallest pair of heels. And sadly, I did not wear them. In fact, I never have. I am still left waiting for the right occasion I guess. I spent most of my time in my Zara rhinestone sandals, which are super comfy for Vegas walking.

If anyone understands my shoe attraction it's the Cosmopolitan. This hotel had a giant shoe waiting for me to pose with, and these cool dripping shoe pictures on the way to the Wicked Spoon (their amazing, fantastic, wonderful, buffet -- talk about a good indulgence!).  

But sometimes it's not what you take with you that makes a trip special. It's what you take away. We stopped at my favorite outlets before leaving. The Vegas Premium Outlets NEVER let me down. Lo and behold Dolce & Gabbana were having a sale! I picked up these cherry wedges (the last ones) for an absolute steal. And then the best thing happened: they were gifted to me by my favorite traveling companion, my boyfriend : ) Now, that's an unbeatable deal.

Happy travels!

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  1. LOVE, love, love your new D&G's!!! Shoes are always the toughest thing to pack AND they take up the most room... but they can make or break an outfit so what's a girl to do? Bring lots of shoes and buy more! Loving your style Sista, xo Colleen