Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yummy Umami

Thanks to my friend Paulette, I was invited a private opening for Umami Burger, Laguna Beach. After a day of dieting and working hard at making magazines I was very hungry (and thirsty) so it was the perfect Tuesday night escape.

Funny/true story: I love cheeseburgers. They are probably my guiltiest indulgence. So a burger joint is right up my alley. However, after looking at the menu this morning to write this post, I realized I ate a veggie burger last night (called the Earth Burger)! It was so loud and I was so hungry (and I was 2 cocktails in while ordering) that I misread the menu. I thought it said mushrooms and edamame as part of the toppings, but no, that was what the patty was made out of. But you know what? It was so delicious I didn't even realize it! I should have known when one of the corporate reps we met asked if I was a vegan. Oh well, it's official: I like burgers of all sorts!

I have to highly recommend the beet salad though. That's what was recommended to us, and not being a lover of beets I took a chance. But I was glad I did! It was amazing!!!!! Perfect light dinner would be just that salad and a glass of wine. The whole meal was divine though. Paulette and I were delightfully stuffed. A huge thank you to the wonderful staff who made the experience and the food so satisfying.

They recently opened an Umami in Costa Mesa and will be opening one in Anaheim too. But I hope to see you on my home turf in Laguna Beach. And next time, I hope to have an actual burger in my mouth : )


  1. Being a vegetarian, the burger sounds amazing!

  2. I will have to try it, it looks amazing Beth! Thank you for Sharing. Ciao Rita
    p.s we still have to plan a day for Fish Tacos.

  3. Coincidentally today I had a burger and a beet salad... hmmm. The burgers were made by me (extra-lean beef, mashed garlic, chopped parlsey, salt and pepper, then grilled) and baby beets dressed with lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper oil. I'm very traditional with my burgers so I must have mustard, relish and ketchup on them!

    Bon appetit!

  4. Too funny Beth!
    And oh, so delicious!
    Glad you could be my guest!
    We'll do it again soon,
    X o X paulette