Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shopping on a Shoestring Budget

So, I made an(other) impulse purchase recently. No it's not gum (SATC reference). It's a vacation! My boyfriend and I have planned a last minute getaway to unwind and bask in the summer sun for a bit. I am too excited!

Now, normally when I am in vacation mindset I have an interesting dichotomy of thoughts. Half of the time I scrimp and save to have every dollar available for spending on poolside cocktails. The other half of the time I convince myself I need new shoes, clothes, accessories for said vacation and go shopping. Thus, I usually end up with no money saved, because the two thought processes cancel each other out.

But this time things will be different! Get ready to be proud. By buying myself a few small accessories on a budget, I dare say I have tricked myself into thinking I don't need to go shopping anymore. Here's what I scored:

1. Awesome flat sandals from H&M for $17.95. These remind me of Miu Mius with the glitter. They are girly and so comfy. I actually don't own many flats and I have to admit, I forgot what it felt like to be so down to earth : ) My H&Ms have run out of these, so hurry if you want a pair.

2. Neon necklace, also from H&M. I couldn't find a picture online, but they have neon pink earrings and other offerings in store right now. This necklace was under $10. The bright orange background is actually a cool cotton tank I purchased as well, for $7.95 from the same store. For under $20 I have 2 very trendy pieces to mix into any look for the entire summer : )

3. Amazingly pretty pastel rhinestone necklaces from Forever 21. Let it be known, I do not really like the clothes they have, but they do an outstanding job with accessories. I love that these look vintage and the colors are spot on. I couldn't decide between mint or peach, so at $15.85 each, I decided to buy both. I love layering them together, with vintage rhinestone necklaces, or with the H&M neon piece.

4. These way cool earrings were unplanned. I had always wanted some multicolor feathers, and I loved the length of these. They were $7.95, so why not. The black earrings with the long chains just spoke to me. I am definitely wearing these with my black bathing suit at the pool. And for $6.95, well I can! Both from Forever 21, where I will be doing a lot more accessory shopping in the future.

With just a few simple updates I am able to stay on trend (neon, feathers, sparkle) and stay classy (black dramatic earrings, a basic tank, sandals) and you can too.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I guess that you're not coming to Ireland with me -- haha!

    Love the shoes. I must go to H&M one of these days.

    1. haha! I will hold out for our trip to Paris : )

  2. Checking my H & M today! LOVE them! Have fun and be safe...oh and have a poolside cocktail for me please!