Friday, June 8, 2012

Impromptu Shoe DIY

By now I am sure you are all aware of my shoe and shopping addictions, eBay being one of the best sources for fueling those addictions. After buying my beloved pair of Sam Edelman heels with spikes and rhinestones, I saw a pair of flat sandals with the same detail (also made by Sam) on eBay. I bid, but the prices got out of hand for used shoes (they were missing a rhinestone too) so I gave up without winning, sure I could find them elsewhere. As I've learned sometimes with bargain hunting, some things are just elusive. I cannot find record of those Sam Edelman rhinestone and spiked sandals anywhere. Anywhere! Not even a Google image! And forget finding another pair on eBay. I resigned to waiting a while ... but in matters of fashion, I am seldom patient.

But then, I noticed these Simply Vera Vera Wang sandals at Kohls. They were almost the same, sans the rhinestones at the back of the Sam Edelmans. I bought them for $30, but found myself still seeking after Sam. So I did what any editor of Altered Couture / broken hearted shopper would do, and got out the adhesives and Swarovski elements. Armed with inspiration from recent Zara purchases (rhinestone sandals & crystal shoulder top above) I began my project. I adhered a few crystals as I saw fit here and there with tweezers, mixing size and color of crystal. I love the end result with that look of bronze, gold, and shine; the toughness of spikes and sweetness of sparkle.

I am waiting for these to dry so I can parade them around. You wouldn't think I would need any more sparkle in my life, yet here I am, DIYing into the wee hours of a Thursday night. I love the simplicity of this project and how they turned out. Kohls also now has these sandals in white and black (I'm contemplating the black ones ...)

Happy Friday! What will you DIY (or buy) this weekend?

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  1. LOVE these!! thanks for the DIY. Can't wait to work on a pair of my own........
    On my comings and goings in NYC last week, I saw sooo many cool shoes for summer. It was a combo business and pleasure jaunt, but I always, always, always study the merchandise related to jewelry and of course, the shoes! Your sandal project is definitely swank couture, and could certainly have been in one of those 7th AVE windows, keeping company with other such coveted gems Beth! ;)