Wednesday, October 26, 2011

true sTORY

I had dinner with my sister at the Nordstrom Cafe on Monday night. The Nordstrom Cafe is one of my favorite places to eat: fancy, great selections, and you get to eat right next to the clothes. While perusing the accessories floor I noticed these beauties. They are unmistakably Tory, Tory Burch that is. I love the gold, lucite, and tortoise look. These pieces are so smooth, polished, chunky and give just a hint of vintage. You can find these pieces at Nordstrom (whether you shop online, eat there, or shop in person).

I actually have a special affinity for Tory because the editor of, Honor Brodie, actually went to my Alma Mater. True story. Hopefully I will continue to honor that editorial legacy.


  1. Love these pieces, especially the rings!


  2. Hi Beth,
    These pieces are absolutely beautiful!!!
    Did you eat at the cafe in Fashion Island? That is by far my favorite Nordstrom bistro, the food is amazing. Next time your there, stop by the women's shoe department and say "hi" to my husband. He works there.
    Have a beautiful day.