Monday, October 31, 2011

A Case of the Miu Miu Mondays

Today is Halloween, but it gets worse: today is also Monday.

Admittedly, I am not a big fan of Monday, but it's not my least favorite day of the week; that's Tuesday or Wednesday (because they are dead center in the middle of the week making me feel like there's no escape). But Mondays tend to fly by for me as there is so much to catch up on and I generally feel pretty rested.

So I thought I would make today Miu Miu Monday by posting some shoes from their latest collection via Saks ...

And I got to thinking, what is it about glitter, costume, and "playing dress up" that makes it an attractive escape? What are we really running from when we don a different outfit or empty our wallets for a shoe? And I had a sudden tinge of fear at the thought that maybe we are running from ourselves. Im not saying that fashion is all about being timid and covering up ... I know for me it's a definite passion ... but I can't help but wonder if maybe sometimes there's distraction in the glitter of a shoe; maybe I have convinced myself that in order to put distance between myself and those things that scare me I have to buy nice shoes so that they will be able to bear the burden of such a long run. I dont mean to be such a downer today, I am just in a pensive mood - a mood ripe for writing. So whether you see these shoes as a break from the Monday routine or you see this post as a glimpse into something deeper about its author, I hope today is a good ( not so scary) one.

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