Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm not one for beer and bratwurst, but I am all about jewels, cupcakes, and baubles. If you're in So Cal in October, there really isn't an excuse not to head out to Glitterfest. I swear, it gets better every time I go. I am so partial to the fall edition because artisans make spooctacular holiday treats. I didn't get as many pics this time because I was absolutely bent on Christmas shopping, but here's what I managed to hold focus on:

Michelle Legler's mosaic jewelry, cucpakes, and all around standout art. Michelle is just so cool and her work reflects how fun she is.

JoAnn Doxakis' jewelry gleamed as bright as ever. I bought some Christmas gifts here. Trust me, if you want to spoil your fashion forward friends, you need to pick up some of JoAnn's jewels.

Denise Hahn sold cute little kits. You couldnt miss her beautiful banners and wire work (which I was so into admiring, I didn't get a picture of it).

Lisa Loria of course had her bling babies out, along with color color color. Check out her blog for a look at her jewelry, which is always so quirky and cheerful - her blogger necklaces are especially fun and different.

I found this amazing booth by EuroTrash and went crazy! I bought the most stunning cuff from them, which I will have to post about later. Thanks again, ladies!

Not pictured, but also amazing were Gina, Julie, Rita, Christie & Crystal. So good to catch up with these ladies too: Jenny, Holly & Sue! Overall, just a fabulous day of friends, food, and of course jewelry!

Oh and a little known fact about me: I'm the treasurer of the Elks Lodge in Santa Ana. Just kidding! But I did take the treasurer's parking spot. The things we do in the name of shopping, right?

If you're in town in March, you have to stop on by. A little Christmas shopping in March never hurt anyone ; )


  1. Hi Beth, It's always so nice to see you! thanks for stopping by my table at Glitterfest to say Hi!!! XO Christie

  2. Thank You Beth!
    Always a pleasure to see you. I'm happy I was able to help with some Xmas shopping :)