Friday, October 21, 2011

Christina McCluskey

I thought I would start working on Christmas shopping (which means browsing Etsy with lots of people in mind besides myself). I dont remember how, but a while back I found Christina McCluskey's designs on Etsy. I usually buy myself one gift for my birthday, which is in December (OK, who am I kidding, I buy myself gifts for being born year-round), and the fact that I am still thinking about Christina's jewelry makes me realize that I think this is the splurge for me. There's just nothing like her pieces. I think I mentioned a while ago that I am getting really into wire-wrapped jewelry, it's sort of replacing bling for me as it is so detailed, intricate, and outstanding. These pieces are just such a worthy investment, so special, no one else would have a necklace or earrings like this. Be sure to check out more of Christina's work in the current Jewelry Affaire and come December, you will see lots more of her pieces in Belle Armoire Jewelry. So if you want to own something truly fabulous or gift something incredibly special, check out Christina's Etsy site.

Happy Friday & Happy Shopping!


  1. Her jewelry's beautiful...I hope you treat yourself to something wonderful. You deserve it!

  2. So funny! I love to slip in a little mickey of sorts with presents for myself...hehehe!