Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outings in Orange

One of my favorite spots in So Cal is old town Orange. Complete with a roundabout, antiques, Paris in a Cup Tea Salon (http://www.parisinacupteasalon.com) and The Perfect Circle Cupcakery, it doesn't get any sweeter.

One of my favorite events to attend is Launch Your Creativity, held at Paris in a Cup, featuring women speakers who are there to motivate each other creatively and professionally. At this event Jenny Doh, Sharon Hughes and Jenelle Van de Mortel were some of the speakers.

What I took away from the event was this (thanks to Jenelle): women need to empower women; in short, Women Helping One Another (W.H.O.A.).

Unfortunately, we live in a society where women are still not paid as much as their male counterparts, and the job market as a whole is crumbling. How do we expect anything to get better if we aren't lending a helping hand? One of the reasons I really like what I do for a living is for the sheer fact that I have the power to help people. A woman who sews for a hobby can be published in our magazines, and instantly her day is made. A struggling artist who cannot make ends meet can see an increase in sales after appearing in one of our magazines. And, if nothing else, someone can receive a bit of extra money simply by sharing their technique in our pages. What I offer people is a sense of community, a sense of belonging, a confidence boost, and at times, monetary compensation. Before I send out acceptance letters for a magazine it hits me that someone's day is about to be made. Someone may have been praying for this letter to be dropped in their inbox for months. And to think, for me, it's just another item on my to do list.

But I would never be in a position to make people's days or have artwork to accept if somewhere along the line, a woman or two hadn't helped me out. If Jenny Doh had never taken a chance on me I dont know if I'd be where I am today. If I didn't have amazing colleagues-turned-friends who encouraged and supported me, or sat next to me at tea (thank you, Rita, Lisa, and Paulette - who sat next to me in spirit) I dont think I would have peace of mind. If I didn't have close friends who were willing to walk around downtown Orange antiquing with me in the sweltering heat and listening to me (thanks, Alexis!), I know I myself would not be a good friend. And if I didn't help and empower other women I meet, what kind of editor (or more importantly, what kind of human being) would I be?

I believe in the greater good, karma, prayer, hard work, self-sufficiency, the relationships I have maintained, paying it forward, and most of all - I believe in myself. True, you can't help everyone. But by helping one person today, they can help themselves tomorrow, or perhaps someone else. The best gift we can give to one another is ourselves; our ears for listening, our hands to hold, our shoulders to be cried on, our heads to nod, and our eyes to lock. How grateful I am to know such helpful and inspiring women. They in turn are the reason I want to help others.

Special thank you to the staff at Paris in a Cup for helping to make my experience memorable and delightful. Thank you to Rita for my amazing shoe calendar - you know me so well! Thank you to my good friend Alexis for understanding my love of old things ... and thanks to the wonderful vendors in downtown Orange who sold me this fabulous necklace for $3 ... and thanks to the staff at the Perfect Circle for making the most divine pumpkin cupcake ever! Oh, and thank you to my boyfriend's family who luckily intervened and ate the remaining cupcakes so I did not have to (because I would have).

But in all seriousness, if you want to help and empower yourself, you won't want to miss the next Launch Your Creativity event in April. In the meantime, think about this: who will you be helping today?


  1. Great post, Beth.

    I always say that Jenny Doh "discovered" me and opened the doors to my work with Stampington. I also always say that Kellene took my breath away by asking me to put together a rubber stamp line. And, to this day, I still get excited when I'm asked to contribute.

  2. Oh my goodness!
    Beth, this post has a way of reaching right in and pulling the heart strings of every woman out there. It speaks beautifully to our higher selves and is encouraging, empowering and certainly a blessing !
    Thank you for sharing it here with all of us.
    The last sentence, is a jewel !
    May your day be amazing in every way.
    Sending love and blessings,

  3. So true and inspiring Beth! Thank you for helping me every time I have an IDEA~lol
    Baci Rita

  4. Beth~
    What a beautiful expression of W.H.O.A.! This is so well said; moving, empowering and the "Yes" factor. The power to send the acceptance letter that someone has hoped and prayed for is is a gift. I am so proud of who you are and that you are using your gifts to build up and encourage others.

  5. Beth-
    What a beautiful way to put the phrase Women empowering Women into action! Love your acknowledgement of the important women in your life and recognizing the powerful role you play in other women's lives. Love the last sentence- what a touchstone for life!


  6. Women supporting women...spreading inspiration and encouragement. Love this message...thanks for the beautiful post.