Monday, November 30, 2009

Thinking Outside the Bag

One of the magazines I manage is Haute Handbags ( I have been very stressed about the handbags to feature in the next issue (Spring 2010). Part of my aggrivation comes from the fact that I'm not seeing a lot of new and forward thinking when it comes to handbags. Dont get me wrong, there are a few notables that I am eyeing but nothing fresh, exciting, and having me believe that people are stretching and thinking outside the box.

And then I found these fellas...

I love how Litar bags ( plays with shape. Such a simple way to reinvent the bag, by starting with the basic architecture of it and redoing it.

Then there's the Pop Art meets crafty quirkiness of Belleslettres ( If you're a label lover and can't afford the real thing, perhaps you should fashion something out of those ads I know you like.
Thanks to these two designers I feel very hopeful about the bags of the future. The next Haute deadline is May 15 2010.

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  1. i love these purses! but of corse, now i am going to think about how i can make them....