Sunday, November 29, 2009

To Those Who Wait

Thanksgiving, the holidays, and all this blogging and blogging about shopping have got me thinking. I used to do what lots of other shopaholics do and cut and paste pictures from fashion magazines and paste them in my journal. Perhaps I did this as a goal, perhaps as something to dream over, or maybe because I just love the idea of delicious pictures on paper (go figure I work on magazines). But now this blog has taken over for me in terms of the journaling and cutting and pasting (that's my goal at least).

But sometimes with a little luck, hard work, digging through racks, and getting up early, our goals can be achieved and fashion dreams can become reality. Check out the picture of the red dress in my journal. I cut it out and pasted it there a year ago. It's a very simple spaghetti strap dress with tiers of ruffles all around. And on Black Friday the stars aligned and I found the last dress of this kind at Nordstrom Rack. It's black and not red or navy, but at $60 (it was originally $495) I will love it forever. i will be wearing this lovely to my birthday dinner at French 75 on Laguna Beach. I love the movement this dress creates when it's on. Totally worth standing in line for 45 minutes at 6 a.m.

Notice the other picture in the journal. It's a Miu Miu flat. Miu Miu is my favorite shoe label and Miuccia Prada loves jewels as much as I do. Her flats are always embellished ane beautiful, and while I dont have the pair featured in my journal (yet) Ive been fortunate enough to find some excellent vintage Miu Miu beauties. These red cork wedges are hot and were only $33 at Buffalo Exchange. Talk about making me look taller. The classic black pumps are my favorite basic shoe in black suede and with a platform toe. Just $80 at a consignment store in northern California. Timeless beauty.

Speaking of Miu Miu, a new crop of goals/dreams/visions of grandeur have popped up in their newest catalogue. The Miu Miu boutique finally opened at South Coast (after a long wait). It is the most beautiful store I've ever been in. Shine, bling, and clean lines, they sell footwear, clothes, and accessories. Im head over heels. Here's a peek at my favorites from the catalogue. Maybe some day ...

So, lesson learned: waiting is definitely worth it. The dress you are eyeing now is a tempting splurge, but if you wait you never know how lucky you just may get. I'm so very lucky. And consequently, very patient.

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