Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apres Coco Avant Chanel

Last night I saw Coco Before Chanel. Loved it. The haunting music, the elegant Audrey Tautou, the ethereal clothes, loved it all. But mostly, I was inspired by Coco's story. She didn't just wait for things to happen, she made them happen for her. She stuck with her gut and personal style and it all paid off in the end. Us women apres (after) Coco now have the task set before us to have confidence in ourselves, and thanks to Coco we can aspire to "wear the pants" in any type of relationship.

To honor Coco and her genius aesthetic I have some pictures of my most coveted Chanel pieces, all vintage and from one of my absolute favorite (and top secret, for now) stores EVER. The heels and pencil skirt are some of my favorite basics to wear. They are also some of the best scores ever at $124 for the heels and $60 (!!!!) for the skirt. I always get compliments on them. My faithful and trusty Chanel compact and lipstick accompanies me wherever I go.

In the last picture I'm wearing the shoes with my new Stella McCartney dress I mentioned here And those sunglasses are not Chanel, they are Target, but no one would ever know.


  1. I love the shoes! You are so adorable Beth! xo Andrea

  2. first comment. Thanks Andrea!