Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Haute photography

Working in the magazine business has taught me a lot about looking at photos. Unfortunately, I still don't really know how to take them (as Im sure you can see here). But, I am learning, and I promise I will get better. Im sure it wont surprise anyone that I love fashion photography. Here are some pictures I want to print, cut, and hang on my closet wall.

The first set are from Tracy Dee photography ( I just met Tracy on Monday, she is a total sweetheart. For some reason I am also really drawn to wedding photography too. Maybe it's all that bridal freelance writing I used to do ( Tracy has really gorgeous wedding photos on her site.
Speaking of wedding photos, I love this one from Bonzie's blog ( Bonzie's dress graces the cover of the current Altered Couture, so head over to your nearest bookstore to check it out or visit Bonzie's blog for more on the feature.

To love fashion is to love the Sartorialist ( I was really drawn to these two pictures in particular.

Pixel Peach ( took these photos of Dawn Younger-Smith, the brains and beauty behind Boudoir Queen's killer clothing line ( For more on Dawn, check out the current Altered Couture (

Don't remember where I found this other photo, but for some reason I saved it. It reminds me of having crepes and coffee in Paris cafes taking in the polished pedestrians. And did you see the old woman's face in this picture?

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