Monday, October 1, 2012

The Many Faces of Rhinestone

I just bought this super cool statement necklace from Nordstrom and I have been living in it. I love the orange, pink and yellow neon coloring. I also love the different shaped jewels. It reminds me of a Dannijo or a Tom Binns piece. Except, this necklace was much more affordable at just $24. But of course, my favorite thing about this necklace is the possibilities it holds. It is perfect for layering. While it is already a layered look, I love wearing lots and lots on top of lots of jewelry. Especially when my outfit consists of a simple T-shirt. So on Friday I did just that and stacked my vintage rhinestone necklace on top of my pink neon H&M piece on top of my Nordstrom find. I love how expensive and unique this look is. Some other variations on my necklace layering are above: hot pink H&M plus mint necklace from Forever 21; hot pink H&M with vintage necklace.

Needless to say, colored rhinestones are in. It's a trend I love. But if you're like me and will always love the classic clear look of a good rhinestone, layering is the way to go. And if you want to create your own color scheme for this trend, it is super easy. Simply pick up a cheapie rhinestone necklace and use Sharpies, nail polish, or spray paint to create your own color effects as in the DIYs above from State of Unique and Bonnin Designs. And again, if clear stones are more your thing, try layering classic strands on top of each other like Maegan did (this tutorial is also featured in the premier issue of Jewelry Affaire). 

Happy Jewelry Wearing!


  1. Very pretty, Beth! Love the crystal rhinestones layered with the colored ones!

  2. Oh, I love statement pieces! Such a great buy you had Beth.
    I can't wait to pick up a load of statement pieces from a lady that lives close to me.
    She is willing to sell it all for a reasonable price. And... it is all vintage.
    Even though they will go to make a statement with my design on skirts and such... I do get to enjoy them and look at them while I have them.

    Diamonds and Pearls are a girls "best" friend right?

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful statement piece.
    I love it!


  3. So cool. I like your kind of reminds me of candy corn (the colors at least)! I'll have to dig out my colored rhinestones. Thanks to you, I always know what's in! Of course, Annapolis is usually a year behind the trend so I can be a trendsetter!

  4. A. So I discovered blogging.

    B. I have to have this necklace.

  5. This is great! I have the Marchesa necklace from Stella & Dot that features a rhinestone necklace layered under beads, chain, etc. and it inspired me to buy several rhinestone necklaces off etsy to layer. I'll keep you posted if I ever end up making anything cool with them!