Monday, October 15, 2012

The Choices We Make

I must confess that today seemed like a rude awakening. I will be going back to work soon and I can't help but wonder if I have made the right the choices in this life. The point at which I am at has me wondering if how I arrived here is nothing short of a miracle or maybe it was real honest to God hard work. Today everything hit me very suddenly, as I missed my first Glitterfest this past weekend. The time has come to roll the dice and be prepared to gamble everything away.

Of course, I have prepared myself for this moment way in advance. For me, all this change is worth the necessary risk. But it is so tempting to think about what might have been. I feel like so many of us have those "sliding doors" kinds of moments where we picture for a second going down a different path.

As a shopper, I feel like that is the name of the game. I am prepared to compare, to weigh, to analyze, to look at options side by side. It is the consumer's responsibility to weigh the outcomes and decide on the best decision. We make these choices when shopping at the grocery store, when getting dressed in the morning, when ordering on a menu. We discern, we execute and we hope to God we chose correctly. In real life there are no sliding doors. There is only fact and fiction; the imaginable and the tangible. I take comfort in knowing that things are as they should be because there is a God behind all of this; at the root of everything. That is my faith at work.

I work so hard that sometimes I forget there is a choice. I am so grateful that all my hard work of applying for job after job did not go unnoticed. I sincerely believe that these choices will lead me down the path to a better me rather than down that road of comfortable and familiar, of all things static. We need change to make us better. We need to make choices to prove we have learned and are worthy to move on. There might be some choices we go over and over again in our head, but we need to have the confidence that we have ended up where we need to be. That we are doing the right thing to ensure happiness for all. We need to be our best selves, and that comes down to more than the talk we talk, the resumes, the interviews, it comes down to the walk we walk, to being genuine.

Hoping you have a genuinely good week.

Above: Trench coat & cocktail ring by Juicy Couture; Dress by Jill Stuart; Shoes by Jimmy Choo; Necklaces by Nordstrom & Forever 21


  1. Beth, yes we do need change to make us better!
    Loving your outfit very much.
    Have a beautiful rest of the week. Ciao Rita

  2. Beth, my hat goes off to you, as scary as it must feel to follow your heart, think how it would feel if you didn't? You are an inspiration! Don't look back - keep moving forward, you are right where you are supposed to be. xoxo C