Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Promise is a Promise

In pursuing a new job I wondered if some of the friends I had made at my previous one would still want to be connected. But then last week Tracy Schultz called me and made plans to hang out right away. And she didn't break them. In fact, she had Cynthia Shaffer join in. I'm not saying I expected her to break our plans, but rather, I so appreciate it when people keep their word. Cynthia and Tracy have always done this, which is why I have loved working with them. My personal mission statement in all the work I do (and will do) is to keep my word; to do what I say. This has proved to be the cardinal rule of good business, in my experience. And when it comes to friends, the same rules can apply: don't make promises unless you plan on keeping them.

When I was a teenager, I so desperately wanted a promise ring from my high school boyfriend. I wanted something that looked like a diamond that proved we would get married one day. My boyfriend ended up giving me such a ring. But over the years we both found that that promise was hard to keep. I remember my ring falling off my hand one day at the beach. It was swallowed up by the Pacific Ocean and I didn't even shed one single tear over it.

When Kathy  gave me her version of a French promise ring, I loved the jumble of baubles. There is so much going on in that ring that it just goes together. I was happy to wear this ring to lunch in Orange yesterday to meet with people who share the same values I do. Looking at the ring also reminded me of the promise I made myself recently. I promised that if I took some time off prior to my new job that I would spend it writing. So here I am, blogging, writing, proving that I am bent on keeping my word. Because sometimes the promises that are hardest to keep are the ones we make to ourselves.

Thank you Kathy, Tracy and Cynthia for reminding me of the sweet rewards that come when you do what you say.


  1. Such a great post Beth and I agree with every word
    Congrats on the new job!!!

  2. SWEET ring! And you look happy! I am thinking your change will be a happy one too - !