Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch/Launch

This past Sunday I was fortunate enough to attend a beautiful fall lunch at Lidy's home. I insist you check out Lidy's blog, but really nothing can do her home justice. It is just exquisite! And boy did she decorate for fall. I loved every inch of her home. Above are only a few snaps I got, as we got carried away with talking.

Joining us were Jenny, Deb, Tara, and CherylSharon is the one who brought us all together. This was in fact not a regular lunch date, it was a launch date. We gathered together to really inspire one another when it comes to our stories, experiences, and creativity. We will all be speaking at the next Launch Your Creativity event in April.

To be honest (as I always am here), I wasn't really sure what to speak about at the event since I had just left my job in the crafting industry. I wasn't even sure if I really belonged on this panel anymore. But within minutes of being with these women, I was given a great idea for a speaking topic. And I love it because it will be very me; from the heart and the head; very real.

My lunch friends kept mentioning their affinity for "being real." I thought this was fascinating, because a lot of what happens in publishing is in fact not real. Editors cut words, designers crop photos, stylists arrange. I think a lot of times people say they want something real, but the truth is that they can't take it. And so we all fall back on the pretty, the staged, the polished.

This conversation got me thinking about what "keeping it real" meant to me. And I landed on a very raw conclusion. The reality is that the polish I infuse in all facets of my life is not always my real self. When I am working out or in my pajamas writing I feel my best, but I never look polished doing so. I've said time and time again that I believe in hard work. And hard work is my reality, it is at the core of everything I do. It means staying up late to write this blog post, when in reality I should have fallen asleep half an hour ago. I use lots of concealer to hide those black circles that are really under my eyes daily. It means commuting an hour and a half each way in traffic to get to work at a fabulous magazine. And those nice clothes and designer shoes -- they took me a really long time to earn them and pay for them (in fact, I am still paying for them). So, I hope I have not mislead you with this blog. It is not all pretty instagrams and magazine covers in real life. Oh no. In fact, I usually consider my days to be pretty bland, it's just that I love unearthing those moments that shine, so that is what I try to share with you. I will touch on more of this in my talk come April.

And it's intentional that I have been using the word "polish" a lot, since my new gig in the nail industry is in fact about hard work and art just as much as the craft industry is. Be sure to check out Nails Magazine on Pinterest for more "unreal" photos.

My special thanks to Sharon and Lidy and the rest of these extraordinary women for being honest, poignant, warm, and wonderful listeners. I hope you'll join us and the other speakers this spring at Launch Your Creativity held at Paris in a Cup in Orange, California. See you there!


  1. When I first met you, I saw a warm, friendly, stylish young woman -- très sympa, as we would say in French -- and certainly "real".
    Colette xoxo

  2. Beth - it was such a delight to work with you while you were at Jewelry Affaire. Thank you for seeking me out to send my work in! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and will certainly keep in touch with you via our blogs.

  3. When you said you went to Lidy's house, I had no idea, you meant French Garden House. I can't imagine how wonderful her house must be in person, and to lunch with talented, creative women, just sounds like a perfect day to me. I know some parts of your life may be drudgery to you, but it many ways, it sounds dreamy. Congrats on being chosen to speak at the Launch Your Creativity event. Wish I could attend; but that's a bit far for me.

  4. Sounds like a fun and inspiring time! I understand those late night writing sessions lol!

  5. Know yourself, and keep believing in yourself. The connections and discoveries you make along the way will help you to achieve many of your hopes and dreams, develop a few insights.......and then make a difference. :) Three cheers for making a difference!

  6. Beth, I love this post! As we said around my kitchen table, keeping it real is truly a good thing. At times, when we all read each other's blogs and see articles in magazines, we forget that real life happens to all of us with its bumps along the way. It's why connecting with others is so very important to me, to encourage and inspire each other, to cheer our friends on, and to lend a shoulder to cry on, or to cry on one. I loved getting to know you better. I am so excited for you as you start your new job, another exciting chapter in your story! xoxox Lidy@frenchgardenhouse.com