Thursday, December 22, 2011


I've always had a thing for pumps. I love how the current pump is not pointy toed (though I do love those), but it is rounded instead. I have always wanted gray pumps, and much to my delight, Juicy Couture had a great sale last week (including free shipping and $25 off a $100 + purchase). Included in this sale were these gray velvet pumps named Cobblestone. I had to take advantage. I love the wooden heel and velvet is becoming one of my favorite fabrics to wear. The package came yesterday, wrapped beautifully, in this tissue paper. The name of the shoes reminds me of the streets in London, all cobblestone. I remember seeing women in heels hobbling down those old streets. I had no idea how they did it, as the points of their heels would get caught in between stones. Luckily for me, I will be wearing these velvet beauties comfortably down the smooth, Southern Californian streets. The perfect winter shoe.


  1. So pretty! I bought a pair that look a lot like this from Anthropologie and the heels look like the binding of a book. It looks like you have some room in the heel - I have this same thing with the ones I bought. How do you keep them on? Do you stuff the toes so you heel goes back more? Buy those heel inserts that stick inside? I found that even with really thick socks they are slipping off.

  2. Those are some saucy pumps, love, love, love them!!
    Merry Christmas to you!!


  3. I'm a pump girl -- always rounded. I love those shoes. Please don't wear them when I come to see you because I might just slip them in my bag....

  4. Good question/observation about pumps that are too big in the heel. First of all, tights and socks always help me. But really, I think many brands of shoe are just different. You have to know your size and work with it on a label by label basis. For example, a Bloomingdales shoe saleswoman told me I was a size 71/2, but that only works in certain brands. In JC an 8 is a bit big in the heel sometimes, but a 71/2 is just too small. All feet are created differently, and brands can vary slightly. It is always best to try shoes on and know what size in which label works best. I've never tried those heel inserts. If anyone has, please, fill us in!

  5. Loove your shoes! The color is just perfect :)
    When I wear very high heels, I always put sticky insoles inside my shoes (I use Dr Scholl's), they prevent the foot from slipping off.
    Hope this helps!

  6. very nice, the block heel is so in fashion!

    @Beth i'm a fan of internet shopping and with shoes is definitely difficult to wonder if they'll fit right! Plus it is so difficult to fix a shoe that is too big,almost impossible without causing pain to the feet. I have 2 pairs of united nude shoes, both in the same size, one fits small (they are sandals and there is no room for the fifth toe), the other pair fits big (a lot big!). Fitting depends on design too (for example round toes tend to run bigger) but designers should pay more attention on fitting.

  7. Wow Beth - those are luscious! LOVE LOVE LOVE the gray! One of my favorite colors and absolutely delightful on those velvet pumps...especially with the vintage wooden heel!
    Happy Trails,