Friday, August 17, 2012

Studs & Stones Forever

As if I needed more to add to my growing studs & stones collection mentioned here and here, the good people at ebags have made Sam Edelman all the more affordable with their amazing deals and coupons. Thank you, ebags!

I first purchased the Holmby clutch after seeing it on sale and getting some coupons. I did some selling on eBay, and was able to pay with Paypal (another reason I love ebags). I love this clutch and it comes in more colors ... so I'm thinking ... multiples? The best part about this clutch is that it is a part of the Lord & Taylor accessory wall on Project Runway, so I have been seeing it walk down the runway the past couple of weeks! The crossbody bag is called Bryn and I got it in citron. I love yellow, but this one comes in additional colors as well.

Above, I am also sporting my ZigiNY Nevada wedges. It seems many other brands and designers are embracing the stud trend. So for fall, you may want to add a little edge to your outfit by picking up something studded or doing it yourself. I have noticed items at H&M, Zara, Steve Madden, Nordstrom & Kohl's selling studly pieces.

For me, my attraction to these items kind of throws me. I mean, I love a good rhinestone, but spikes have never really been my thing. I don't like it purely because it is trending. I think it has to do with the fact that for me, these accessories represent a mix of hard and soft; danger and beauty. If these items were all spikes I would stay away. But the stones mixed in sell me. We all have a few sides to us. I feel like lately I have been trying to stay strong, purely to cover up the softer parts of me that have been hurting a bit. Perhaps if we keep hitting on hard times, those gems will be revealed. Life can be rocky, but it can also be hopeful. I have seen many a shining example to prove it.

I hope this weekend finds you staying strong as well ... with a little shopping thrown in.


  1. Oh, How I wish (right now) to just take the cure of shopping! Such a solution to ease heartache and pain... get stress relieve and joy! But, I know from past splurges that it is a temporary relieve! Yuck! And a long hurt in the wallet.

    I too feel a little distant with the spikes...
    Maybe because it looks aggressive? And not rugged and romantic intertwined? I love the edge of designing rugged with a romantic twist.
    Is that possible? Oh yes!
    I know it is... Spikes just scream to me... "stay away"!

    I am in survival mode too at the moment...
    These hard times and all that comes with it...
    Hope that it will be all over and behind us soon.
    By the way... my nephew is home again - and is not afraid of dogs... amazing.
    The fires are tamed and I can see our beautiful california mountains again! Hooray.
    Thank you for your caring words at my blog!

    Lovely weekend Beth!
    Oh, I love those red wedges! Hold on to those girl! They look fab!

    Maybe I will stop at H&M to just have a peek and a treat to my eyes!


  2. Morning Beth,

    Love your studded shoes....Oh to be young again!

    And you are so right...I see examples of hope all around me..everyday.

    Never lose those soft parts, that's our humanity..what sets us apart from all other forms of life.

    Be well my friend

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

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