Thursday, August 9, 2012

Seeing Clearly

Sometimes in life we are gifted with foresight. We are able to foresee a problem before it occurs, and if we are lucky, a solution. The rest of the time, hindsight will have to do.

I was never really into sunglasses, then when I got my first job while in college, I decided to splurge and buy a fancy pair. I bought some Versaces for a couple hundred dollars. I never once considered the fit, my face shape, or what to wear them with. All I saw were the rhinestones on the side, and I was sold. Shopping lesson learned. These were in fact not good glasses for me. I continued to make sunglasses purchases that weren't up to par throughout the years because I have been blinded by bling.

But I am seeing clearly now. As a veteran bargain hunter, I was thrilled to discover Smart Buy Glasses. They have all of the most fabulous brands without the super designer cost. A few that caught my eye were:


The popular jeweler now makes sunglasses that come adorned ... or not, it's up to you. I love the pink stone on the black pair and the slightly lifted eye of the white. A little eye jewelry never hurt anyone : )

Miu Miu
I have professed my never ending love for Miuccia Prada on this blog before. When Miu Miu began designing sunglasses not too long ago, it was a prayer answered for many in the fashion community. One of the most popular trends in fashion, food and beauty is the ombre look, and I love how it translated into these purple to pink glasses. A tortoise is a classic in the eyewear world, and these butterfly frames definitely stand out.

Ray Ban
Always cool for men and women alike, Ray Ban aviators flatter any face shape and just look sexy. But there is so much more to the brand than the aviator and the wayfarer. Their new designs play with colored frames and lenses while staying on trend. These icy blues are perfect for the pool and are just a small example of the huge variety available on this site.

Whether your sunglasses icons are Jackie-O, Audrey Hepburn or anywhere in between, this site has over 150 brands and up to 40% off each one of them! Sometimes the only accessory you need for the summer is a pair of stylish sunglasses to look cool.


  1. Love my Ray Ban aviators and am really, really wanting some Oliver Peoples Breakfast at Tiffany shades. (pretty sure that is not what they are called!) Can't wait to check out the site.

  2. Oh how I loved my old Ray Ban's!
    Even when it was cloudy out... wearing my Ray Ban's everything just looked so sunny. (It is the special lenses they used) Just great!
    But, then they broke! (tears)
    Had them fixed and they broke again! (more tears)
    Now I just go with the cheapy brands (sad and spoiled by my Ray Bans)

    Have a lovely week!