Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Courage in Spades

I have completely fallen in love with Kate Spade as of late. This brand is quirky, colorful and all about a fun sophistication. It's grown up, but not too much. As I am nearing 30, I am identifying more and more with this brand and I am head over heels.

On my recent Vegas trip I visited the Kate Spade outlet, which is an absolutely deadly thing to do, as I always walk away with shopping bags. And this time I beheld the Ellie Flicker Clutch in coral and grabbed it up. Only problem was the line was incredibly long at the cashier. We had a whole bunch of valuables and food sitting in our car in the 110 heat and we had just dropped a lot of money on the trip itself. I came down with buyer's remorse and put the clutch back.

Then the inevitable happened: I regretted it. I made my boyfriend stop at the other Kate Spade outlet on our way home at Primm. And they did not have the clutch! I began an instant eBay search via iPhone app and found it  -- for a lot more money. I was completely heartbroken. But as I have said before, patience is a necessity when it comes to bargain hunting. So, I waited and was so happy to find the clutch recently for the outlet price. I got it Sunday when I returned from our road trip and it is perfect! I love the neon orange, which is on trend, and the classic polka dots and spades inside. An extra sweet touch was the wording on the tag that reads: "Have courage." I love that Kate Spade tells her buyers to wear these pieces with confidence; to face the day with that added brightness that gives them courage. I cannot wait to wear this bag out, courageously and happily.

I love pondering the idea of luck, especially in a place like Vegas. While I don't believe in it, I am so interested in the ideas behind gambling, betting on one's self, and I love a good charm necklace. The spade is such a great symbol for this brand and I like how they are incorporating it more and more. My picks from Kate Spade of late is this Sparkle Spade Bow clutch, also in coral, this ring, and brand new Spade to Spade Scatter Necklace.

Hope today brings you courage in spades!


  1. Hello Beth,

    My best score at a thrift shop was a gorgeous Kate Spade bag worth over $300 for $7 !!! I checked it over and it was the real thing...no knockoff. To make it an even sweeter deal, when I got home, I found a Brighton silver and red leather business card case in a zipper pocket..love when that happens.

    Fun post...hope you are well.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    Ps.....my Grand Opening of my retail shop is July 20th...I'm so excited and nervous!!!!