Friday, July 27, 2012

London Calling

I've talked here before about my eternal love for all things British. Today is a day I have long waited for in that I will finally be able to watch London host the Olympic games.

Six years ago I arrived in England to go to school. I can't articulate the feelings I had in the pit of my stomach as we made our descent into the greenest land I had ever seen. For me it had been a lifelong dream to visit England. I had written a report about the country in 2nd grade and the older I got, the more fascinated I became with the culture, especially the literature. I probably would not have been able to travel to Britain had it not been for the amazing opportunity college afforded me. So my senior year I packed up very little, bought a new laptop and a passport and headed off to make my dream a reality.

At the time, London had just learned it would be hosting the 2012 games. I remember seeing all the construction around the city, wondering where I would be in six more years. I loved every day I spent in England. It wasn't a hard transition for me at all. I got quite used to the rain, the public transport and not drinking coffee every day. When it was time to leave I was ready to go home, but only because I knew I would be back. I vowed to return in 2012 to see what had become of the large buildings they had laid the foundation for and to revisit all of my favorite places in the city.

About a year ago my father and I looked into making the journey to London for the Games. My dad does not buy designer shoes, makes a lot more money than I do and saves more money than I do. When he said the trip was out of financial reach, my heart sank a bit. I didn't know where I would be in 2012, but I knew where I wanted to be. And sometimes it's a bit heartbreaking to not be exactly where you thought.

But then again I think of all the things I never saw coming when I was 21; the places I hadn't imagined myself going that I journeyed to; the things I had never foreseen doing that I can now say are done. I have played the Lotto a couple of times, gone to Vegas and worked really hard. And six years later, I am watching the Games from my TV at home. For whatever reason that I did not come into millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars by now, is fine by me. It would be nice, but it wasn't meant to be. And that's OK because I maintain my faith that I will someday return to that place that has meant so much; because I will always maintain that love I have in my heart for my home away from home, where everything is green and the skies are gray and the streets are old; because I will never forget that feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach when I saw the land I had dreamed of for so many years for the first time.

It's that feeling that I can't articulate, of when you become aware of a dream turning into reality, that motivates me to make it happen. And that goes for all things in life. In fact, that is perhaps the greatest thing I learned from my time studying abroad and maybe even in the six years since.

Above are some things I have been eying to hold me over until my next visit:
Juicy Couture charm, hair elastic; iPad & iPhone case, scarf and tote featuring illustrations by Sujean Rim.

Charlotte Olympia Jubilee Pandora clutch. This clutch is actually really smart, because it is clear, yet comes with four interchangeable pouches to place inside. Four British themed clutches in one!

London Calling Cuff from Kate Spade.

Gorjana City Pendant Necklaces. You can choose which city you would want on yours from a few metropolitan choices. But I favor the London pendant of course.


  1. Wow. Never have been to England. Wanted to study abroad wen I was in college, but the idea was vetoed by my parents who were footing the bill. I did manage to make it to Europe, however, but many uyears later, but not England. Someday. My Somerset Home arrived last looks awesome! Thanks.

  2. So nice to read this, Beth. Dreams do come true, so hold on to yours!

  3. Beth- I know you will get to England again... sometimes the things we want most do not happen as we would have planned, but then that just makes the moment when it does even sweeter! I hope I'm around to hear about it when it does.

    I'm digging your blogs new look and feel and of course I'm crazy for all these "Royal" goodies. xo C