Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Sampling of Kauai

"'And so you are going abroad; and whe do you return?

But that's a useless question, you hardly know when you are coming back,

You will find so much to learn.'"

I just returned from my vacation to Kauai. So often I find it easy to splurge on things that can be purchased from a retailer, but the most rewarding splurge is a trip. I love traveling, and if I save more money and make more money, I hope to go more places. Sure it's nice to drink foreign drinks, eat local cuisine, and buy souveniers, but for me, a trip is about learning.

It's a rare experience to go, live, eat, and breathe as others do, even if it's just for a bit. And the best trips are ones that teach you about yourself. When I went to Europe I went with my boyfriend at the time, and it shed new light on our relationship; it made me realize we wouldn't work out. I went on this trip with some of my girlfriends and it really caused me to re-examine the values I place on friendships, people, and faith.

"'Perhaps you can write to me.'

My self-possession flares up for a second;

This is as I had reckoned.

"I have been wondering frequently of late

(But our beginnings never know our ends!)

Why we have not developed into friends."

I feel like one who smiles, and turning shall remark

Suddenly his expression in a glass.

My self-possession gutters; we are really in the dark. "

The above images are samplings summarizing my time on the island. It can be summed up by beach, liquid indulgences, music and dancing (especially at Tahiti Nui), and nature. Hope you like this taste.
*Quotes are excerpts from T.S. Eliot's "Portrait of a Lady"


  1. LoVe it !

    A sweet little sampling,
    leaving a little mystery...

  2. Welcome Home Missy B

    It sounds like you have learned how magical the beach is once you stop to see(not look), listen(not hear), feel(not touch), and savor(not taste) For me the infinite size and beauty of the beach compels me to live & experience in the present,not to regret the pass nor fret about the future. :) At our home a declared "beach day" is always respected because the soul must also be nurtured!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  3. Oh such profound words!
    Hawaii is a paradise and the only ocean I have personally fallen in love with swimming in.
    So clear and warm.
    Happy you had a restful and nice trip.