Thursday, December 23, 2010

A O-Kay

This post is for Kay. She embodies Altered Couture, and when I need something from her, she is always there, ready to contribute. She's a true visionary. Visit her site: to learn more, gift, browse, and support.
So I got to thinking, how lucky and blessed am I? 2010 has been bountiful, beautiful, and I witnessed the unexpected. How great is it when acquaintances forgot resurface and reignite? When friendships extend beyond the realm of memory? When what's meant to be, just falls into place? I think 2010 has been remarkable, and I was reminded that I know remarkable people. Thanks to everyone who offered up an ear, offered up support, and paid a visit here.
You know, I thought recently about quitting my blog. I was finding myself so fulfilled in so many other ways ... but then I thought of the regret, of how I'd miss writing, miss sharing, of how I'd miss a potential opportunity to write something that might mean something to someone. And thats what it's all about. For now Im thinking I'm meant to stick with this, to keep going, to keep typing, to keep sharing into 2011.
I'm going on a vacation that I desperately need. I'll post when I return. Merry Christmas and I'll see you in 2011! Enjoy : )


  1. Oh, I especially love that white sweater ,I wish we were having Christmas coffee together too! Lots of Love..Andrea

  2. Merry Christmas, Beth.
    I'm glad you'll be continuing to blog. I, for one, would miss you if you didn't.

    Colette xo