Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Chanel Kind of Christmas

So excited to see my friend Susan yesterday ( I posted about her, her mom, and their bags not too long ago. While working on putting together a feature for some of our magazines, she gifted me with this bag, which I had admired in their studio. It's called Chanel's Apartment. The fabric is red with settees and chairs fit for Coco patterned throughout. The "No. 5" written on the fabric further conjures up images of Chanel bottles. I cant thank Susan and Maria enough for the bag. It's so dear to my heart.
But there was a catch of course, I had to finish the bag. It was up to me to pick the perfect detail to top it all off. I have quite the brooch and button collection, but when I racked my mind I couldnt think of anything. I went home and went through my jewelry. Wouldnt you know, on Friday my good friend Gigi ( had given me this large brooch she inherited from her husband's family. Guess it was meant to be.
Speaking of Chanel, the Christmas tree above is in Susan's home. Her daughter, Chanel, recently celebrated her 16th birthday. For the festivities Susan broke out all the Chanel bags she had collected and decorated the tree. A Chanel Kind of Christmas indeed.


  1. Mlle Chanel must be smiling from the "other side".


  2. Woo Hoo Miss Beth,

    The marriage of the brooch to the bag was truly made in heaven!!! It almost looks like they were twins (fraternal of course) that were separated at birth.

    Gee Missy when you get tired of these two cutie patooties I would be more then happy to adopt them ;)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan mx.