Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brown Paper Packages

This time of year everyone is familiar with packages tied with strings. And while we all know what our favorite things are, it's nearly impossible for everyone to discern what those things may be.
Case in point: coworkers. You can work with people every day, but you may not have the opportunity to get to know them and their interests outisde of work. That's why I'm especially delighted when I get gifts from my colleagues at Christmas. Amber Demien wrapped up this stationery from Sabrina Ward Harrison ( and gifted it to each member of the editorial staff. I love how the brown paper wrapping is really a Trader Joe's bag. Tres green. And these pink bobby pins were handmade and given to me by the Editor in Chief herself (
It just so happens I love stationery (e-mail does not compare). I love ink on paper, even when it smears a little. And I love bobby pins. I love that I can throw my hair up or down with a simple fastening of a pin. And of course they're pink, my favorite color. Im not sure if either of my colleagues knew that these gifts would be ideal for me, and that's not the point; they both took the time to gift me with something to call my own. And in a sense they rekindled those memories of favorite things, of the happiness found in little things. How many times in the coming year will I scramble to jot a note, to fix my hair? Many, Im sure. And without realizing it, these associates of mine have given me everything I needed. That's the beauty of giving.

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  1. Isn't it amazing that it's the simple little pleasures of life that bring the most joy??

    Have a wonderful holiday season Missy B filled with magical memories!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.