Friday, January 7, 2011

Coming Alive

I was honestly dreading returning to work. After a long trip I expceted to find e-mails and loads of paperwork stacked on my desk. But in actuality, there were no paper monsters ready to devour me; no emergencies had occured; everything was as I had left it, properly stowed in its place.
Better yet, there were a couple of treats waiting for me. My colleague Jana Holstein, who knows me so well, left me this pink tray with a crown, proclaiming me the 'Fashionista Queen.' I think everyone who works with Jana loves her, and it's apparent why. She takes time to do pay attention to the details of a person.
There was also a card (that was spot on) and package (decorated with spots) from Lisa Loria ( I've mentioned Lisa several times here, particularly because we both love color and dont shy away from it. So it was a lovely surprise to receive from her these beautiful black and white pieces. I love how the box, the earrings, the bracelet, and even the tissue paper complement each other. Lisa does things so purposefully whimsical. I am a big fan of cameos, so the cameos in all of these pieces are the perfect accent for me. Thank you Lisa for your frienship this past year and for being one of the people who have helped me fall in love with and understand the art of jewelry making : )
I also received this necklace from Marie French ( Coincidentally, Marie's piece also was in circular form, just like the pattern on Lisa's box. Being a lover of words, it brings me great joy to find deliberate wording on a piece of jewelry, where words aren't meant to be. Jewelry is a great gift when there are no words, but when a necklace says something, it's even better. The discs are imprinted with "Heart", "Idea", and "Alive". I'm sure Marie would agree with me, that it's those ideas and the heart behind them that keep us alive, that make us feel alive. Thank you Marie, for reminding me that an idea can start small, but with enough passion behind it, it can redefine your life; thanks for making me feel alive.


  1. I Love you Beth and cherish your friendship as well. It has been a wonderful year getting to know you. If the bracelet needs shortened, let me know. Now let's do lunch!
    I have some new designs to share with you!
    Much Love,

  2. What a lucky gal to find such thoughtful treasures waiting for you. This must've been a great way to ease back into the work groove.