Friday, October 8, 2010

Trapped in Time

Think of a wonderful day you've had. Where everything went perfect. And when things now don't seem to go as planned you wish you could go back in time to that day; to flee to its safety. Often I fall into the fantasy of wishing I could prepare my past self for the greatness of a day that awaits. I would warn myself to cherish every moment. I know we all do this, right, when reminiscing.
Yesterday I was lucky enough to be visited by Jenelle Van de Mortel. Jenelle is a wonderful mixed-media journaling artist whom I met through a workshop with Julie ( and Paulette ( We had such a wonderful time at our workshop together that not only did it inspire friendships, but several projects as well. Jenelle made this Summerland Memory Globe with representations of all the women at the workshop present in the art. I am represented through the incorporation of the Stampington & Company stamp used in the globe (because I work for Stampington). I've never been fused into a work of art before, so I am entirely honored! I love that I am the stamp, becasue as I have stated previously, rubber stamping was my foray into the art and crafting world. I love the book text here too, 'Such a nice day.'
Thank you Jenelle for capturing these memories; for remembering me and including me in such a positive artistic journey. Thanks to all the women who attended for sharing and becoming friends. Wishing you a nice and memorable day ahead : )


  1. what a gorgeous gift! Such talent!

  2. Beth-Your beautiful writing moved me to tears! You are extremely talented and such a bright spot. I so enjoyed our visit and walked away incredibly inspired! I also feel that the friendships forged at the workshop are indeed special. Happy that you are enjoying the memory globe. Thank you for so eloquently including me in your blog.

  3. Hello there~
    Janelle is a sweet friend & amazing artist! So glad you met her.