Monday, October 4, 2010

Divine Desserts

I was looking through my pictures from this weekend (whch was quite busy) and I made a horrifying discovery. Well, maybe horrifying is not the right word. It seems I over-indulged in the sweets and treats. Oh well, at least I hit the gym Friday and Saturday.

Friday I went to the L.A. County Fair in Pomona. Truth be told, I havent been since I was a kid. I actually grew up with this fair. Little known fact: when I was in the eighth grade, I wrote a book in the Young Author's competition that won First Place and Best of Division at this fair. I still have my red and blue ribbons. I made $50 off of my win. That is the first paid writing gig I ever had. I'm not sure what happened in the years in between, but I had fallen out of love with the fair, with all its heat, crowds, and kids. But going back on Friday reminded me of the wholesomeness, the innocence of it all. And for family's like mine who never seemed to have lots of money, it was a lot cheaper than Disneyland. While I stayed away from fried Oreos (although Im kind of curious) I did find this simple, fail-safe treat: a build your own cupcake cart! Mine is chocolate with peanut butter frosting, oreos, m&ms, and sprinkles.
Saturday I went to Glitterfest (more on that in tomorrow's post). They had a cupcake table there with 3 options. Because I had spent my cash on coffee and loads of jewelry I actually could not afford to buy a cupcake. Probably for the best ... but they did have this flavor I really wanted to try: a tequila/margarita cupcake. Maybe I can find another version of this elsewhere. The cupcakes actually had edible bling on them! Next Glitterfest I will be making sure I bring more cash!
Before the 'fest I had a dandy lunch at Zovs ( Their breakfast was delicious but their bakery was out of this world divine! I could not decide what to get! I'll be going back for sure. I purchased these cake pops (oreo and red velvet) and they are the best ones I've ever had (plus they are decorated for Halloween). I also bought a chocolate peanut butter crisp which is really a peanut butter and chocolate rice krispie treat. Very buttery. Very good.
But the best dessert? These sweet (and calorie and fat free) stamps from Candy Rosenberg ( Candy is as sweet as her name and then some. These stamps are so me. I will be using them for sure. Thanks Candy for the treats!
So this week it will be nothing but veggies and running. But sweets are a much cheaper indulgence than shoes, right?


  1. Here's a tip on how to have your cake and eat it too that I learned when I was covering the food beat for a magazine: have a taste of everything. Just a taste.


  2. Thanks Colette! Believe me though, a taste would not have hacked it for those cake pops though : )

  3. So yummy!
    I need a cupcake now!