Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I had a spectacular Saturday morning at Glitterfest in Santa Ana, where I saw old friends, new holiday crafts, and met some amazing people. The theme was clearly holidays galore, and I really liked how many of the artists incorporated the season into their display and work.

The journals with metal working on them are from Dana (http://www.inspiredartbydana.blogspot.com/) and they are incredible! I have never seen a metal covered journal like this before. Gorgeous.
The lovely lady holding up a copy of the latest Jewelry Affaire is JoAnn Doxakis (www.zoweeart.blogspot.com). So I love pretty much everything JoAnn has ever made. The earrings she churned out for Glitterfest blew me away. In the last picture I showed the two pairs I purchased for msyelf. I love it when the artists you love come up with unexpected things. I actually had not really seen a lot of earrings from JoAnn before, but I was so drawn to her collection.
A funny note on my relationship with earrings: I actually prefer studs because I can just leave them in my ears at all times. However, I constantly lose my studs when I take them out (many have fallen down the sink drain). So lately I have been buying up dangly earrings, as I don't lose these. While I normally don't consider myself a wearer of hoop earrings, the pair by JoAnn with the oval-not-quite-hoops and blue beads are absolutely fabulous. I love them on! And check out JoAnn's leopard print gift bag. Adore!
I ran into this very familiar (and stylish) face at the 'fest: Jenny Doh!!!! J and I used to work together, now we just "work it" together. J purchased this fab mosaic necklace from Michelle Legler (www.mosaicqueen.typepad.com). Note that the word in the middle of the cross reads "sacrifice." Talk about statement making jewelry. Great choice, as always, J. BTW, the fabulous flower necklace Jenny is wearing was made by our friend Sherry (www.glamarellajunk.blogspot.com). Make sure and stop by www.jennydoh.typepad.com to see J's pics and stories from Glitterfest.
Even though I've worked with the fabulous Lori Gutierrez (www.lorigutie.blogspot.com) before (check out her beyond beautiful crowns in Somerset Home) I've actually never met her until Glitterfest. Lori alters purses into amazing art as well.
Meeting Georgia Hecht of Salt Water Studio was a great treat. Her jewelry is so so wonderfully old looking. It doesnt look clean, which I like, it looks so worn and ages. These exquisite red necklaces were my favorite. I know I've said many times, but red and green are my favorite jewelry colors. And her houndstooth dress form? Divine!
When it comes to repurposing, it doesnt get much more genius than Lisa Loria (www.vintagebling4u.blogspot.com). Lisa took a chandelier and altered it into this spider looking display for her stuff. She took doll arms and placed jewelry on top, and actually altered the gumball machine too! Lisa's stuff is so Springy and happy, but I love love love how she incorporated some fun spookiness with her display choices. So smart!
Although I worked with Beth Quinn (www.bethquinndesigns.com) on Haute Handbags Spring 2010, I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting her until Saturday either. And lo and behold, not only do we share a fantastic first name, we share a love of jewelry. Her hair pieces are so sweet and lovely, and so is Beth. Definitely check out her site, I highly recommend.
Rita Reade (www.mammabellarte.blogspot.com) has a knack for decorating dress forms and completely outdid herself this time with the red ensemble. Her booth won several awards too for its look. Love you, Rita!
I met Angela (www.shabbyfrenchome.com) and fell for her purses, which are French country chic. So good to have met you Angela!
One of the main reasons for attending was to see Julie Nutting's most recent work (www.julienuttingdesigns.blogspot.com). This girl is wearing a ballgown made with French newspaper and pink thread. I love her so much! I believe Julie said that one of the newspapers bears the date of Julie and her husband's anniversary, which is why she left the date intact on the clothing. I love the stories behind great art. The writing in white on the background reads, "All she ever wanted was a new dress." I find this statement so reflective of me, because when I come down with a case of the "I wants" it typically involves a dress (my favorite article of clothing). And really, a new dress makes anything better, and every woman feel better (not to mention more glamorous). But the best part about this piece is the message Julie inscribed to me on the back. I will cherish this piece forever. A new piece of art is just as good as a new dress, but warm words are always the best gift.
Thanks to everyone who chatted me up and allowed me to take pictures. This event was a delight; a celebration of art, community, and all things dazzling. I'll be returning for sure in March. In the meantime check out www.glitterfest.com to learn more, and maybe even get involved.


  1. Oh, my gosh, I wish I could have gone. Looks like so many Beautiful Goodies in One Room.. Sigh.. next one, I will hopefully be there. You are one Busy lady Beth, always on the go and supporting artists, so so Fabulous. Happy Tuesday, Jamie

  2. Ditto Beth! What a collection of beautiful and amazing artists. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. You are too sweet, Beth!
    Everything was truly divine at the show!
    One of my Faves!
    See you soon,

  4. Always a pleasure working it with you, B.