Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What Lies Ahead

I think it's funny that we as human beings are so fascinated with the future. We want to know everything that will happen as soon as possible. Fashion is one of the few outlets that is happy to tell you about the future well in advance and give you ample time to prepare. Imagine if all things in life were forecasted on a runway two seasons in advance.

Fall/Winter clothing and accessories are now out in full-force and since the holidays are a time to really sparkle, it's time to pick up those special pieces for gifting or for keeps. While it still feels summery here in So Cal., the Tweet Up at the Outlets of Orange recently reminded me to think ahead.  

My recommendations for Fall/Winter are as follows:

1. Shine. Whether it's beading, sequins, or chunky rhinestones, add some shimmer to your wardrobe to stand out. I picked up this sequined black tank with large discs from Neiman Marcus Last Call. The movement of the discs adds some shine to my wardrobe, especially when worn underneath a coat.

2. The Statement Shoe. It's no secret that I love shoes, and while they serve the practical purpose of getting me from point A to point B, they can also do double duty as your jewelry of choice. Choose a glitzy shoe (or a really tall one) and have that be your statement-making accessory. Your confidence will skyrocket. I picked up these beaded and silk Charlotte Olympias from Neiman Marcus Last Call for an incredible deal. They are the perfect shoe for me, with some glitter in every step. 

3. Consider a Clutch. If you're like me and you love a big bag, you know it can be challenging to squeeze everything into a tiny clutch. However, these pocket-sized purses are perfect for holiday parties. Take a load off and don't compromise the look of your formal wear by choosing a clutch that has detailing on it. I spotted this smart set at Saks Off 5th

4. Feathers. I love feathers! I hope this trend never goes away. As evidenced by the many feathered finds from dresses to shoes at Neiman Marcus Last Call, I don't think it will. Be advised, feather items tend to be a bit more expensive because it's such a delicate detail. I think it's extremely worth it though to buy pieces that have such exquisite movement.

5. Be a Square. If you are going to stick with a bigger bag in place of a clutch, opt for a structured, square shape, the most popular bag of the moment. You can get a bag similar to this anywhere (even Target), but Neiman Marcus Last Call had all of these designer-looking duds in stock.

I for one love the idea of an open-ended future, where tomorrow's a mystery. While you can't always shape the months ahead of you, you can prepare for (hopefully) colder temps and festive events. When shopping ahead of time and at outlet stores you can find a large selection of on-trend necessities for the season at the fraction of a cost. And budgeting for the future is always in style.

Happy Shopping!

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