Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Feathered Friends

The next issue of Altered Couture will have a feathered dress on the cover. I am actually really liking the idea of a feathered frock. And it seems like feathers are popping up everywhere. I am so glad this trend is taking flight! I found some of my favorites and decided to share them here. More on Pinterest, of course. I prefer the fuller look of the ostrich feather. The only thing about wearing feathers is that they can shed a bit, so the clothing is super delicate and likewise, super expensive. These finds will require some savings. I already purchased a couple though -- what can I say, they make my heart flutter!

Fascinator by Batcakes Couture
Dress by Alexander McQueen
Dress by J Crew
The inspiration that started it all (in my opinion), Carrie Bradshaw's wedding look
Dress by Michael Kors
Dress by Jay Ahr
Dress by Milly
Dress by BluGirl
Strapless dresses from ASOS
Blue and white feather purses from Kate Spade
Dress by Erin Fetherston
 Blazer by Elizabeth and James
Headband by Tasha
Skirt by Zara
Clutch by Alexander McQueen
Skirt by Kate Spade


  1. I am really liking this feathered trend...some of these are so gorgeous! I actually love the little purses, too. Will we see you in a feathered frock on Facebook? (notice the alliteration.)

  2. This fine feathered trend has already made its way out here to the midwest boutiques, as I spied many items this weekend in the resort town of Saugatuck, Michigan where we're hanging out. I'm wondering though... what happens to these feathers if you get caught in a rainstorm? Colleen
    PS. I miss Carrie Bradshaw too!

    1. Good point! I don't recommend wearing these in the rain!

  3. Hello Beth. Love them all! Funny but my theme for the studio this month and next is..."The Day The Birds Ruled". Our feathered friends are in charge and we are the caged pets. I'm having so much fun shocking everyone! I still plan to send something to you. Maybe a masquerade ball mask? xoxo, Christina Kuntz/Momma

  4. As always Beth, a delightfully beautifully selection of some gorgeous gowns.
    I love how you broke the pink with a little kobalt blue purse and red dress in the end.
    Looking forward to the coming Altered couture all pampered in feathered goodness...
    But with you in charge I am sure it will leave me again in total awe!

    See you on Pinterest and wishing you a great week... in pink and feathered!