Saturday, November 1, 2014

NYFW Spring/Summer 2015

When I was younger I would stay up late and watch the Style Channel. At about 1 a.m. they would show runway shows from Fashion Week around the world and highlight trends. Watching these shows made me determined to go to Fashion Week someday. Every season I head to and watch the latest slideshows, enjoying ready to wear, couture, bridal, and resort from the comfort of my desk. When I was hired to work at NAILS, I was told I had the opportunity to actually attend NYFW. While I didn't believe it at first, I found myself inching closer and closer to my first trip to New York and the fashion olympics.

It has taken me a long time to post about this experience because I have been digesting it for a month. While at Fashion Week I was live blogging for NAILS and when I returned I had to complete my NYFW story for the November issue of the magazine. Getting caught up at work and financially has taken a while, and writing my story down was like letting out a good cry. I ended up with nine packed pages, detailing every sequin on a dress and how it felt to be nudged by makeup artists and cameramen. The only problem was, as my boss pointed out to me, nine pages of pure prose is a bit long for a story in a magazine (and of course a blog post). Instead of telling you everything that happened and what it was like, I decided to share some of my favorite images that aren't in the links above. The rest are on my Instagram feed

I count myself extraordinarily blessed to be able to say I made this trip and saw five fashion shows (Raul Penaranda, Opening Ceremony, Alice + Olivia, Libertine, and the Blonds). Fashion Week is a lot of work. Being in New York was almost too overwhelming. The pressure to put out a magazine is one thing, but the pressure of setting trends for the next six months is entirely another. It takes a complete mess and utter chaos to create something so ethereal to walk the runway. While I didn't get to meet any of my fashion icons, I did get to meet a lot of amazing people who make the magic of Fashion Week come alive. While it's not all champagne and parties, it is a milestone experience to feel the thrill of so many industries converging and being at the center of it all. Fashion Week is about possibility. It's a dangerous thing to try and predict the future, but the fashion world does so season after season with great flair. We don't have to follow suit, but more often than not, we do. NYFW made me excited about the coming seasons, and just as it had when I was younger, hopeful for the years ahead and all that's possible for your future self. 

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