Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Midwest Memories: Part 1: Illuminating Indiana

There's something very interesting about returning to the place you came from, where roots are fully in the ground and you are always remembered. I feel like my family in California is small, but when my dad and I traveled to Indiana it seemed like there was family around every corner. I even discovered that my dad's cousin is a weaver. Check out her site, for vibrant, colorful, gorgeous scarves and shawls handmade in Indy. Mindy has 3 looms in her home, and her backyard is actually on a channel. The water above is from the channel when we were on her boat. Do you see the swan up top? And the picture at the bottom is from the Indiana State Museum ( I enjoyed taking in both the living and static history of this state and learning how I am connected to it. Though it had been 17 years since I last traveled to be with these family members, they welcomed me back graciously. And those places I thought I had forgotten about, suddenly came back to the forefront of my memory. We never really forget where we come from.

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  1. Beth your experience brings back memories! The same happens to me when I go back to Sicily. What an experience you had! Can't wait to have tea with you, Lisa and the girls next week. Ciao Rita