Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Want, I Want

I want to thank Christine Wallace for this amazing pair of pear earrings. They are stunning, truly.

Christine sells on Etsy, and every day it seems like I am roaming the site, finding many new things to wish for. Jewelry especially is a weakness for me, as so many pieces cost a pretty penny, and it truly feels impossible financially to own everything I want. In truth, I could order one of each from the pages of Jewelry Affaire, but alas, that is not the reality of life.

In thinking about wanting you have to think about needing. When growing up, my mum was very careful to point out that I "wanted" things I did not "need." It's true, we forget that we have basically everything we need and want most else. We live in a society that fuels pushing the "want" button so much that it's hard to stop.

I have wanted a great many things in my life (Miu Miu pumps, a Mini Cooper, a bigger closet, a career, just to name a few ... ) but today it occurred to me that my wants have changed. It can be a pleasant surprise to realize that you'll gladly forgo a dress in order to save for the things you crave so badly. It's refreshing to see you have grown overnight, content that finally you have everything you need and the only wants left are those for a secure future.

There are endless lessons to be learned from jewelry. I want to learn more ...


  1. Beth,
    I am so honored for you to have a piece of my jewelry! I know you are surrounded by beautiful jewels everyday and I am beyond flattered that you admire my work. Many, many thank you's, Beth!!!!!

  2. Beth I am so happy to find you and I absolutely adore the pear earrings by Christine, they are fabulous.

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