Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bring Happy Home

I posted recently on my travels and now I though I should post on how I am enjoying being home. There's nothing like traveling to remind you of the simple indulgence of just lounging around in a familiar space with those you missed close by.

We often bring back memories, souvenirs, or even lessons learned from our travels or even from a day at work. Wherever you go there's always a place awaiting your return. And that thought is the most comforting. There will be a place for your mementos to be shelved, a plush place to sit down, and food, wine and reading to nourish.

I like to leave all the stress, drama, and heartache outside my front door. I want to keep my home full of positivity, a place of welcome, where others can step inside and feel at ease. It's because of this sentiment that I truly appreciate Jessie Steele 's slogan "Bring Happy Home." I want to thank Jessie for sharing her aprons with me as well as her fun catalog. You'll be happy to know that her pieces will be appearing in the upcoming apronology. If you want to get happy before you get home, check out her site.

Hoping today sends you home happy : )


  1. Cute post Beth !

    LoVe Jessy's flirty girl aprons
    and especially the importance of keeping our homes as our happy refuge.

  2. Hi Beth!
    I agree 100%! I love traveling but I am a nester and I LOVE returning home where things are comfortable and familiar. I just got back from France and it was amazing but I was so happy to just be in my little art studio again. I've enjoyed getting caught up on your blog. Going to look through more now.

  3. Awesome post!
    Love these aprons!