Thursday, July 21, 2011

Outside the Box

I'm so very lucky to have taken a class with Terri Brush ( She's the person who taught me to solder. I'm even more fortunate to be working with her on the next Jewelry Affaire. You will be able to see some great new pieces from her come October 1 in the magazine. What truly is a testament to Terri is her students. It seems like everyone she teaches develops a love affair with jewelry making. In the upcoming issue a few of Terri's students will have their work featured as well.

I was so tickled to receive this necklace from Terri. It has my favorite elements: ribbon, words, soldering, bling, and slight wire wrapping. And did you see the box?!?! This is maybe the best box I have ever seen! I have never liked a box so much! Stamping and jewelry elements appear on the outside, along with my name. I just love the color scheme and the creativity. Thank you Terri, for thinking and creating outside of the box : )

You can make something equally gorgeous too. Terri can show you how. Visit her website or blog, and sign up for a class. There might even be a magazine mention in your future.


  1. I wish I would take the time to decorate boxes and envelopes. It's such a nice gesture! This is beautiful.

  2. Ditto, It is beautiful inside and out (of the box). Love it! Ciao Rita mammabellarte