Friday, December 26, 2014

You Take a Napa, You Don't Move to Napa

The party we had was only the first step in celebrating my 30th birthday. I knew I wanted to take a trip somewhere, but it wasn't until Nathan and I brainstormed that we agreed Napa would be the perfect destination. I had driven through Napa before, but never stopped at any of the wineries. I'm so glad we decided to drive through the valley in December and take our time to really appreciate the weather (so rainy, unlike Southern California), the scenery (so green, unlike Southern California), and the Christmas season. 

They say that most tourists visit Napa from July-Sept., but honestly, I couldn't picture being there any other time of year. The fog and mist rolled over the green hills every morning and the vines at all of the vineyards were glittered with raindrops. It felt good to feel cold again and have to bundle up. Gloves, scarves, hats, coats, and boots were a must. I thought it fitting that we went to a place where things only get better with age. It made turning 30 seem more celebratory than mournful. 

I highly recommend visiting Napa in December. Pictured above are Sterling, Castello di Amorosa, Mumm, and Domaine Chandon wineries, where the people are so very kind and the grounds will take your breath away. Cheers to milestone birthdays! I'm so excited to drink 30 in. 

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