Monday, December 29, 2014

Art of the Matter

It's that weird limbo between Christmas and New Year's. I find myself content with things given and received, and suddenly look forward to the year ahead. There's a great energy that exists in this interim of time. Because of the days off work I finally feel like I can get back to my own art. Seeing all the unique artwork in Napa was such an inspiration, but I could''t find the time to blog about it until now. This interlude may very well be the most (if not only) relaxing time out of the whole year. 

But it struck me as I was writing this that I am most thankful for other people's art. It's because of those brave souls who are always so giving, so determined to make time for what they love to do that I have had the jobs I have been fortunate enough to have. I appreciate people who appreciate someone else's craft. So I was particularly happy with Sterling, Mumm, and Domaine Chandon wineries in Napa, all of whom promote the arts by having collections on their grounds. I saw everything from Ansel Adams photographs to Picasso doodles. 

When my mother gifted me with this beautiful necklace she made using vintage glass beads, it all came full-circle. Where would I be without the artwork of others? It has put food on the table, shoes on my feet, given me plenty to write about, and established such deep connections. It is my sincerest hope that 2015 brings even more artistic inspiration and outpouring for myself and anyone who else who feels the constant need to create and connect.

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  1. What a thoroughly lovely tribute to art. And your necklace is gorgeous.
    Here's to a beautiful New Year!
    Love, Colette