Monday, June 6, 2011

Every Piece Tells a Story

What comforts you? Chocolate? shopping? wine? old friends? trusted words? For me, it is all of those things and sometimes it is simply getting back to work.

I'm lucky to work on such a beautiful magazine as Jewelry Affaire. It truly is my baby. I was with it since the beginning and worked really hard alongside my colleagues to present the lovely jewelry people make, many times in order to give great comfort.

Last week had some rough patches, and though it was hard to sometimes buckle down, I was excited to get back to working with jewelry. I received a package from my friend Jennifer Valentine ( who will be featured in the next issue. She gifted me with these green earrings (she remembered that green is my favorite jewelry color). Imprinted on the presentation below her shop name is the phrase "Every piece tells a story." It reminded me quickly that the story should always come first, should always be what we are chasing after. And though it is easy to get caught up in beautiful things when they surround you, one should never lose sight of the story; those words that provide the greatest comfort.

Thank you Jennifer for making lovely jewelry and reminding me why I write and share stories. Oh, and thanks for the cool feather hair pin too (the gold one on the packaging). It really was the perfect way to punctuate this gift. What will your story be today?

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  1. I had NO idea that you wrote this! THANK YOU for your kindness! Oh my goodness...I'm just in such awe of you...and for you to mention me here in this space is such sweetness. Thank you for allowing me the joy of being a part of something so lovely.