Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Put A Bow On It

So it's officially the Holiday Season. My favorite time of year. I went to South Coast Plaza yesterday, and everything was decorated. It warms my heart in inexplicable ways. It's like everyone holds their breath until this time of year.
Another great part about this time of year are the festivities. Holiday parties present the perfect opportunities for dressing up. And since the weather is cooler, the dresses can be longer, the colors can be darker, and the materials can be warmer. I love the idea of velvet this fall/winter. Another trend I am noticing is the bow. While we are used to seeing them adorning presents, I am glad to see this cute, girly, detail bedecking dresses, clutches, and headbands. The photos above are from and


  1. I've noticed that bow is back too - and I love it! :-)

  2. Lovely selections!
    Fab trendspotting, darling!