Friday, November 12, 2010


Today was one of the best days I've had in a long time. A lot has been going on in my life which is why I have been slow on the blogging, but it has all been good, trust me. I've been crazy busy making magazines happen too, so I havent had as much blogging time. But today I felt particularly inspired.
The lovely and enchanting Paulette Adams ( came by to have an office picnic with me. We feasted on sandwiches and enjoyed her special coffee (made with cocoa). She brought me roses (my favorite) in pink. They still smell sweet and fragrant. I think flowers are always the perfect gift. When in doubt, arm yourself with flowers. Paulette altered the apron she is wearing above. Delicious, right?
The real fun came when the two of us scoured the Stampington & Company craft room for supplies to use on upcoming submission ideas/product reviews. I found this sketchbook from the 1960s. I have no idea who it belonged to or how it got here. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and notes riddle the pages of this old, forgotten book. Whoever it belonged to was talented in my opinion. I included pictures of my favorite drawings. I love how this artist captured women and men out on the town, dressed up with 60s beehive hairdos. I love the lack and presence of color in some pieces. It's almost nicer not knowing who the person is behind these drawings, or who the subjects are. It's all a mystery. I wonder what this person would think, their sketches in a bottom drawer in a craft room, their art on my blog, me, who knows nothing about art, liking their raw lines enough to write about them.
And somehow picnicking turns into studying the past. Things found turn into a reminder about what art is, who it refelcts, and who it touches. Somewhere, someone has attended a picnic with Paulette and I, taking lunch with us in the confines of my office. Now instead of resting in a bottom drawer, their work sits peacefully on my bookshelf, next to a vase of pink roses. The perfect lunch break find.
Happy Friday : )

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  1. What a fabulous day! How thoughtful of Paulette (she is such a talented artist) to bring a picnic. Her apron is darling. The sketchbook you found is quite incredible --what a find! It's wonderful that by blogging we all get to participate in your special afternoon. Thanks for posting :)