Monday, January 13, 2014

2013: A Year in Shoes

Sometimes when I feel defeated, I look for new shoes to put on my feet so that I can stand tall. I thought I hadn't purchased too many shoes this year, but I guess I was wrong. Disclaimer: I didn't buy all of these and they are not all wearable, obviously. 

Shoes can be a lot like the ebb and flow of life; they have their highs and they have their lows. I recently acquired my highest heels to date (8.5 inches by my fave shoe designer Charlotte Olympia). Those wedges were definitely a high-point of 2013. The year ended on a high note (see previous post) but I am all for more highs of the  non-shoe variety in 2014. You should set your sights on high heels, but set your goals even higher. 


  1. I wish you infinitely more highs than lows this year. I'd wish you only highs but life isn't like that. We need the lows to make us think, and appreciate the highs even more :)
    Our feet are our base, our support, so shoes are very important, and a gorgeous new pair "lifts" us up! xoxo

  2. Charlotte Olympia has just recently come into focus for me! I was wondering as I scrolled down your photos if she was represented! She is some designer, isn't she!
    I gave up heels years ago, but I still think they look like fun - especially those red ones with the laces up the back! They are just not good for our feet and I refuse to go back to them...