Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wine & Cakes

I'm a big fan of the daily indulgence that is wine. I love a good red syrah or cab. The holidays bring us together, and in seeking out spots to reunite with friends, I discovered Packing House Wine Merchants  in Claremont. It's the perfect place to have a sip, catch up, and pick up a bottle (the ideal holiday gift). This place has quiet tables and a tasting bar. There's a small menu and a great happy hour. I enjoyed the happy hour Cab and my bf had some bubbly. Christmas cheer(s) indeed!

Another suggestion for a place to quickly chat or pick up the perfect hostess gift: Georgetown Cupcake. If you watch DC Cupcakes on TLC, this is the same chain. I went to their beautiful Beverly Hills location while getting some work done on Friday. I was beyond impressed. They had a lot of holiday flavors that were unique. I loved the gingerbread (which came with an actual gingerbread man) and the peppermint dark chocolate was heaven. Their coffee offerings looked delightful as well. I highly recommend!

Happy Gathering!


  1. There is nothing like a good glass of wine. In Champagne (the province) they drink champagne with their meals... now that was an experience!

    Much love for a New Year filled with goodness and delicious experiences.

  2. It looks amazing! I love syrah and cab too.
    Thank you for sharing two new places to visit.
    Wishing you a NEW YEAR...and to NEW BEGINNINGS.
    Baci Rita

  3. Mmmm.... peppermint dark chocolate sounds wonderful!